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Food and beverage becomes Kempinski focus

Luxury market "somewhat predictive"

The Kitchen has opened in its Vienna property
The Kitchen has opened in its Vienna property

Kempinski is to put food and beverage at the forefront of its strategies, it has announced.

The hotel chain is to become a ‘food-driven’ company in recognition that F&B sales generate half a hotel’s revenue and also in a throwback to its founding by two restaurateur brothers.

Its strategy will focus on breakfast as the most important meal of the day and create dining options such as cooking stations at its hotels.

Reto Wittwer, president and CEO of Kempinski said the move will also differentiate itself from other luxury chains and break away from the norm.

“I believe that the hotel industry has become somewhat predictive in where the next hotel will open and the only difference from hotel to hotel will be the design and colour scheme. The ‘hardware’ of beds, sheets and bathrooms has become pretty standard throughout the luxury hotel industry and offers no real surprises. The recent financial turmoil in the world was a good chance to take a critical look at the status quo and create opportunities for change at a time when things have become stale and need a fresh direction,” he explained.
“By re-focusing on our restaurants and food business as a company policy we believe that it will give us a legitimate competitive advantage to make sure that our hotel outlets are seen as viable options to any freestanding restaurant and that our guests will recognise the value of having not only superior accommodation but also superior food in one location,” he added.

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