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77% “check work emails on holiday” but is detox on the way?


Smartphones are stressing us out with around 77% checking work emails while on holiday, according to a new survey.

Research released by, in conjunction with today’s National Stress Awareness Day, showed 77% regularly check work emails and 65% will respond to them. The majority (81%) access emails through their smartphone with 89% admitting they find it difficult to switch off. According to the results we do not even wait long until we check our phones, with Brits looking only 4.5 hours into arrival and 39% take phones to the beach.

The statistics were echoed in World Travel Market’s annual report, which said 41% of holidaymakers use the internet between 30 minutes and three hours each day of the holiday with 86% checking personal emails and 15% looking at work emails.

Scientist Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE suggested that Brits may feel more inclined to have a ‘digital detox’ in the next few years in her speech at this year’s ABTA Travel Convention. However with more hotels, restaurants, tourism businesses and cities providing free WiFi it’s likely that the digital takeover is not only set to continue, but grow.

Meanwhile in the planning sphere, WTM’s Global Trends Report has predicted smartphone televisions will be the next technology to “take off”. With televisions now integrating the internet and social media there will be a development of apps with Teletext Holidays amongst retailers already getting in on the act.

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