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Business travellers favouring home stay accommodation: report

An increasing number of business travellers are choosing to stay in hosted accommodation, attracted by its affordability, home comforts and the experience of having a host or family on hand to give advice and local knowledge.

That’s according to, which has released booking statistics to back up its claim.

The company claims the average length of stay for its business clients is 10.5 days, considerably more than the stated 6.8 days business travellers on average stay with Airbnb.

London and Dublin are the most popular business destinations in the world, beating Auckland, Perth and New York in the Homestay business destination top ten.

In the past 12 months all of Homestay’s top 10 business travel destinations have seen a rise in bookings, it claims.  Business travel is the third most popular reason for travel, after taking a holiday and education.

For male and female business travellers the location of the accommodation is the most important factor in choosing a homestay, closely followed by friendly communication with the homestay hosts, with value for money the third factor in determining choice of homestay.

Alan Clarke, CEO at, said: “The combination of comfort, value for money and the friendliness of staying with a host as compared to staying in a hotel, where you might not talk to anyone, are all contributing factors in choosing a homestay for a business trip. For solo travellers, there is also the added benefit of staying with a family and a host who can give local tips and advice.”