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Exploring future opportunities in travel: Travelport


Travelport recently concluded the e-volve summit – for the first time – on key matters affecting Travel Management Companies (TMCs). 

The event held in Cape Town, South Africa was subjective to extensive discussions and debates ranging from the economic outlook to the future of airline distribution. The future direction of the industry was debated by more than 100 industry experts from 17 countries.

Conceptualised as a ‘travel industry masterclass’, the event also set out to find strategic solutions to key industry-related issues such as point of sale technology empowering travel agents; More efficient distribution through GDS channels and delving into Intelligent search. 

Elaborating on the concept, Rabih Saab, president and managing director, Middle East and Africa, Travelport said: “It’s the first time we have brought together so many experts to discuss the future of the travel industry in the Middle East and Africa. It was fantastic to see both sides come together to debate big issues affecting TMCs and find innovative solutions for the future of travel in our region.”

“This summit was about pushing boundaries in order to really think about future opportunities in our industry,” commented Saab.

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