A Taste of Thai: Thai Airways’ Boeing 787-8 Royal Silk Business Class Review

By Darren Brodie - Chief Operating Officer, Editor & Publisher, Travel Daily Media

I recently immersed myself in the Thai Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Royal Silk business class product on a flight from Bangkok to Brisbane. This excellent new product offers more than just a “taste of Thai” – it serves up a full slice!

This route was previously serviced by a Boeing 777 aircraft, so apart from the premium class offering, I also had the good fortune to experience one of the latest additions to TG’s long-haul fleet. With an 11.59pm departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport on Flight TG473 and a nine-hour journey ahead, the thought of an overnight flight equipped with a flat-bed seat was highly anticipated.

THAI's Boeing 787 Dreamliner
THAI’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner

I was not disappointed. Check-in was a breeze with the usual friendly, helpful and efficient staff. Then the first big surprise; a dedicated immigration section for TG premium class passengers, which was a welcome change from the usual queues as I entered airside in under 10 minutes. Passing immigration I headed straight for the Business Class lounge, which, with ample seating and a great selection of food and beverages, was the perfect prelude to the flight.

After a relaxing time in the lounge, it was time to board the flight. Welcomed by the crew in their traditional Thai-style uniforms, in no time I had my first taste of the business class cabin and seating. After pre-flight champagne and canapés, we were off.

What immediately struck me were the larger-than-normal windows, mood lighting and the quietness of the aircraft, which lived up to the Dreamliner’s billing as a “next generation” jet. The seat itself was comfortable with a 60-inch pitch and, when fully reclined, a 78-inch bed.

"Smooth as Silk" service
“Smooth as Silk” service

The in-flight entertainment system had a huge range of movies and music, including the latest releases, so there was no problem staying occupied. A power socket and USB port were easily accessible, allowing the convenience charging of electronic devices.

The in-flight meal service consisted of an entree, main course and dessert, all of which were delicious and accompanied by a wide selection of the beverages to cater to all tastes. As to be expected on a TG flight, the crew were as “smooth as silk”, as was the flight from beginning to end.

What a way to touch down refreshed in Brisbane at midday after an overnight flight. Thai Airways’ Royal Silk class comes highly recommended, and I am looking forward to my next flight with this impressive airline.

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