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India fast-tracks Chinese border roads

A road in Ladakh, northern India
A road in Ladakh, northern India

The Indian government has announced plans to fast-track the development of roads along its border with China.

The world’s two most populous countries share a border almost 3,500km long, but much of the area is remote and mountainous.

According to an Economic Times report, India’s government has started a major restructuring of its Border Roads Organisation as it moves to accelerate the construction of roads along India’s frontiers, especially those linking with China.

Under a previous plan, 14 roads were approved from the scenic area of Ladakh, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, to the Chinese border, but only two have been completed.

And while project’s move may sound like a boost for tourism, in reality the roads will have a more defensive purpose. Many of India’s northern borders – including much of its Chinese frontier – are disputed.

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