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Lufthansa to fly A380 to India

Lufthansa's A380s have 526 seats (photo by Christopher Halloran)
Lufthansa’s A380s have 526 seats (photo by Christopher Halloran)

Lufthansa is planning to fly its Airbus A380 to India, after rules governing the use of the aircraft were eased last week.

The German national carrier’s vice president for Asia Pacific, Steffen Harbarth, confirmed this week that Lufthansa is working on the deployment of its biggest aircraft on routes to India, although no specific details were revealed.

“We look forward to launching the Airbus A380 services in India soon,” said Harbarth was quoted saying by the Times of India. “[But] we are still in the process of evaluating when and where to deploy it in India so we can’t share the detailed plans yet.”

He added that Lufthansa is still not utilising its full traffic rights in India, so the A380 could be used in addition to, rather than instead of, its existing services. “Yes, maybe the A380 deployment could be utilising the remaining frequencies,” he said.

Lufthansa currently operates its second largest aircraft, the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, on routes to Delhi and Bengaluru. Both of these airports are equipped to handle the A380, along with another of Lufthansa’s destinations, Mumbai.

Lufthansa’s A380s are configured with 526 seats in three classes, with eight seats in first class, 98 in business class and 420 in economy.

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