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Mallorca tops car hire survey of UK holidaymakers

The most popular holiday car hire hotspots in Europe have been revealed, with Mallorca topping the charts as the location where most British holidaymakers choose to rent a car once they’ve reached their destination.

According to data from car hire booking agent, the top holiday destinations based on hiring a vehicle are: Mallorca; Milan; Rome; Barcelona; Pisa; Porto; Marseille; Gran Canaria; Lisbon and Faro.

Luckily for those heading to Mallorca, Barcelona or Gran Canaria this year, filling up your car is cheaper here than any other top holiday spots with the average cost of fuel just €1.08 per litre.

If Milan, Rome or Pisa is top of your list for a holiday, you’ll end up spending a bit more to get around given the cost of fuel stands at €1.37 per litre on average.

Porto, Lisbon and Faro come close with the cost of fuel at €1.33 per litre, while Marseille is slightly cheaper at €1.21.

As a spokesperson for Auto Europe said: “Pre-purchased fuel and return empty can be useful if you’re planning a long journey and in especially when British holidaymakers find it difficult to find a petrol station abroad before returning their hire car to the supplier. However, if you don’t use all of the fuel then the supplier is unlikely to offer a refund for what is remaining.

“The most popular fuel policy option among British holidaymakers tends to be ‘pick up full and return full’, which is usually the most cost effective. It’s therefore the driver’s responsibility to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel at the end of their holiday, or the car rental supplier could charge you for having to refuel the vehicle themselves.”

“British holidaymakers should carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement with their car rental supplier to avoid any confusion around the fuel policy such as incurring additional costs once they’ve returned the vehicle.”


Country Petrol (€) Diesel (€) Average (€)
1 Mallorca 1.13 1.03 1.08
2 Milan 1.45 1.30 1.37
3 Rome 1.45 1.30 1.37
4 Barcelona 1.13 1.03 1.08
5 Pisa 1.45 1.30 1.37
6 Porto 1.45 1.21 1.33
7 Marseille 1.28 1.15 1.21
8 Gran Canaria 1.13 1.03 1.08
9 Lisbon 1.45 1.21 1.33
10 Faro 1.45 1.21 1.33