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Most young travellers use Facebook for holiday inspiration


The vast majority of young travellers use Facebook to help them choose their holiday destination, according to a new global survey.

More than 50% of young people post photos and videos while on holiday
More than 50% of young people post photos and videos while on holiday

The ‘Text100 Digital Index: Travel & Tourism’ study, commissioned by US-based communications company Text100 Global, found that an overwhelming 87% of travellers under the age of 34 used Facebook for travel inspiration, while more than half also use Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. This correlates to the finding that 63% of survey respondents consider recommendations by friends and family the number one factor when considering their next holiday destination.

While on holiday, 68% of young people use their mobile devices to stay in touch with friends and family, while 52% post photos and videos online and 25% write reviews. Eighty-eight percent said they take a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device on holiday.

“Consumers are making travel decisions by simultaneously assessing information from an unprecedented variety of channels both digital and non-digital,” said Aedhmar Hynes, Text100 Global’s CEO. “Travel operators and communications professionals alike must increasingly integrate their efforts across platforms in a manner that complements how consumers are already seeking inspiration, deciding on, purchasing and experiencing their travels.”

In Asia Pacific, more than 70% of travellers have used social media to inspire their holidays and base their eventual choices on friends’ recommendations (52%) and convenience (42%). Asia Pacific travellers are also the most likely of any region to purchase tickets via online advertisements, although the survey found that they also book through traditional travel agents more than travellers in the US or Europe.

US respondents are the most likely to take a laptop with them (43%, compared to the global average of 34%).

“[This] study suggests there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to engaging travellers in all areas worldwide,” said Hynes. “Today’s vacationer bases their decisions on far more digital, mobile and physical touch-points than ever before. Therefore companies need to be consistent in communicating their core values via authentic audience engagement.” 

The study, conducted by market research firm Redshift Research, surveyed 4,600 consumers in 13 countries.

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