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Research reveals spending habits

Who spends the most on their holidays?
Who spends the most on their holidays?

Research published by has revealed that people in the north of England are spending almost GBP200 more on their holidays than those in the south.

The study also showed that spend in the north has risen by GBP118 per person over the last year and 29% will spend over GBP1,000 per person this summer.

Overall men spent more than women (GBP918 compared to GBP830) and 30% of Scots will spend over GBP1,000 on their holiday – compared to just 20% of those in southern England.

Mark Maddock, managing director of UK & Ireland said, “Our findings have highlighted a north-south divide we’re not used to seeing, and it may be that the cost of housing is beginning to impact southerners’ purchasing power. However, people deserve to get maximum value from their hard-earned holiday budgets and at we can guarantee fantastic getaways for affordable prices.”

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