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Retail solutions rolled out to airlines’ IFE systems


In a move that has the potential to significantly boost airlines’ ancillary revenue streams, GuestLogix has formed a new partnership with in-flight entertainment (IFE) supplier, Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

The partnership will enable payment processing capabilities through Panasonic’s IFE systems, potentially turning hundreds of thousands of seatback screens into retail stores. The new joint solution is now available for all of Panasonic’s airline customers across the world.

Hundreds of thousands of seatback screens will be turned into retail stores
Hundreds of thousands of seatback screens will be turned into retail stores

GuestLogix’ Global Payment Gateway solution was chosen to enable Panasonic to plug into a single gateway for payment processing in any region, using any form of payment.

“GuestLogix’ chief mission is to help airline’s find new ways to generate ancillaries both onboard and throughout the travel journey through technology innovation,” said Tom Douramakos, President & CEO of GuestLogix. “Enabling Panasonic and its global customer-base to drive these ancillaries through the world’s most popular seatback IFE screens is a prime example of how a passenger-preferred onboard amenity can be turned into a lucrative revenue source.”

According to the latest research from Amadeus, airlines’ ancillary revenues hit US$32.5 billion in 2011, up 44% from 2010, with major US carriers such as United and Delta leading the way. Asia Pacific contributed US$6.3bn of this total, 30% more than the previous year.

“There is a dramatic shift happening in the world of in-flight entertainment and airlines are working to find an onboard entertainment experience that meets or even exceeds passenger expectations, but one that also can sustain itself with significant revenue potential,” said Brett Proud, Executive Vice President of New Markets & Products for GuestLogix. “Shifting onboard retail control into the hands of passengers and ultimately giving them the ability to order and pay for duty-free, food and beverage, destination-based content or even in-flight entertainment itself from the seatback will allow ancillaries to be generated throughout the entire duration of the flight and not just during the finite period when flight attendants are able to provide cart service.”

The announcement of this partnership marks the first of its kind on a global scale.


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