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Shanghai Disney taps Chinese university talent

Shanghai Disney Resort has launched a new talent training programme in partnership with several Chinese universities and colleges.

Xinhua reports that the Shanghai Disney Resort Talent Training Program aims to attract more young people to work at the theme park after graduation. It will partner with colleges to teach Disney’s standards and set up internships for students.

“We are committed to partnering with local authorities and educational institutions to support the further development of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta’s service industry through talent education and cultivation, leveraging the best Disney practices and resources from around the world,” Philippe Gas, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort was quoted saying.

The first group of schools to team up with Shanghai Disney Resort include Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Sanda University, Shanghai Jianqiao University, Zhengzhou Tourism College, Tourism College of Zhejiang and Rizhao Polytechnic.

Shanghai Disney Resort became the world’s largest Disneyland when it opened last year

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