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Tablets drive mobile travel bookings – study


The popularity of tablet devices is encouraging more travellers to research and book trips via their mobile devices, a new study has found.

61% of tablet owners have made a travel purchase on thier device in the last six months
61% of tablet owners have made a travel purchase on thier device in the last six months

The joint report by Expedia and comScore found that touch-screen devices are boosting mobile acceptance, with almost half of respondents (48%) having used a tablet or smartphone to plan their trip.

Of travellers who own a mobile device, 61% have made a purchase on a tablet in the last six months while 51% have made a purchase on a smartphone. This suggests that travellers are more comfortable purchasing travel on tablets than on smartphones – an assumption backed up by the fact 90% of tablet users who have previously booked travel using their device would do so again, compared to just 80% of smartphone users.

Deals and promotions (64%), photos (55%) and recommendations (38%) were found to be the most useful types of content for those seeking trip ideas, while both mobile websites and apps were found to be popular. Nearly 60% of mobile airline and 56% of hotel bookers used an app to make their reservation.

“With the steady growth of mobile adoption and content consumption, we’ve seen an increase in on-the-go travel planning – more than one-third of mobile device owners, according to the study,” said Noah Tratt, global vice president of Expedia Media Solutions. “The findings also show a significant number of consumers rely on OTAs for destination ideas, and we’ve developed a mobile strategy to help our advertisers reach travelers during critical planning phases, allowing them to influence customer decisions and optimize the experience closer to purchase.”

Accessibility (43%), ease-of-use (35%) and app availability (33%) were found to be the main drivers of travel bookings for smartphone users.

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