ABTA TC2012: Trends changing the industry

He used to PR for Michael Jackson but William Higham, managing director and founder of The Next Big Thing is now a trend-spotter and shared his insight at the ABTA Travel Convention today. Here’s his top four trends and how they affect the travel industry. 

1. Technology – “Smartphones and tablets can reinvigorate the industry. There is potential for e-books and online travel guides”

2, Economy – Consumers know what they are doing as become more savvy in recession. Not just about cheap but value. Offer indulgence and extravagance or some benefit to them to help their career or lifestyle. 

3. Society – Age, gender, family structure are all opportunities. Consider single parents or multi-generational families and not just nuclear families. 

4. Attitudes – Changing attitudes drive behaviour. Recession has made people reassess what really matters and people look for meaning. 


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