First Class All the Way: Renaissance Phuket

First Class All the Way: Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

By Mark Elliott

What do you think of when you imagine Phuket? A popular tourist island lined with deckchair-packed beaches and neon-lit bars, or unspoilt, rugged sandy coastlines fringed by palm groves? And what does your brain conjure up when you think of Renaissance Hotels? A standard upscale hotel brand, or a modern, innovative product breathing new life into the Asian hotel industry? Whatever your preconceptions, the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, located on Mai Khao Beach, will make you see things in a new perspective.

This resort is part of a new breed of Renaissance properties that are developing quite a name for themselves in Asia. Their contemporary architecture and sharp interior design is complemented by a range of products and services that elevate this property above the competition. The buffet breakfast, for example, looks like a king’s banquet, featuring a wealth of live cooking stations and the highest quality cuisines from across the world. Walking into the on-site Quan Spa meanwhile, genuinely feels like you’ve left Thailand and entered a traditional, if highly luxurious, Chinese healing centre.

The guest rooms, which range from 46-67m