Go local, the Oceania Cruises way

Oceania Cruises has unveiled a new series of immersive destination tours under its Go Local brand. The new, exclusive small-batch tours seek to go beyond the tourist sites and embed guests in the fabric of local communities.

Guests will experience destinations on an entirely new level where they are welcomed into local homes and businesses and immersed into their way of life.

“On our new Go Local tours, you don’t see the highlights or even visit a landmark. On these tours you are being introduced to local artisans, shopping local markets, and quite literally becoming part of a local family. You’re learning and experiencing generations-old traditions and the ways of their day-to-day lives,” stated Bob Binder, chief executive of Oceania Cruises.

More than 120 tours are offered throughout Europe, Alaska, and South America with myriad choices of tours that run the gamut from a day at the farm in Kusadasi, Turkey, to the hidden treasures of Milongas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to playing Gaelic games in Cork, Ireland.

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