Hilton launches UK’s largest-ever soap recycling programme

Hilton has announced the launch of the UK’s largest-ever soap recycling programme to reduce waste going to landfill and help communities in need.

In partnership with Clean the World, Hilton hotels in the UK is expected to divert 64 tons of waste from landfill every year, creating more than 700,000 new bars. According to a statement from the company, this initiative is “a major step” towards its goal to recycle 100% of its leftover soap bars.

More than 100 hotels across the country will join the soap recycling initiative to support Hilton’s Travel with Purpose 2030 Goals to halve its environmental footprint – including specific targets to send zero soap to landfill and reduce waste output by 50% – as well as double its social impact investment.

“3,600 children under five die every day”

Simon Vincent, executive vice president and president, EMEA, Hilton said: “It is our responsibility to protect our natural resources and ensure destinations across the world are preserved for generations to come. The expansion of our soap recycling programme not only helps us to reach our environmental goals but also contributes towards tackling the significant hygiene epidemic which sees around 3,600 children under five die every day due to lack of access to clean soap and water.”

Hilton’s soap recycling efforts in Europe will be supported by a new Clean the World facility, which opened in Amsterdam last year. From 2020, this facility will recycle soap from Hilton’s hotels in the UK and 17 countries across Continental Europe.

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