UNIGLOBE Travel expands service to Moscow

UNIGLOBE Travel has expanded its network to Russia with the addition of global partner UNIGLOBE Talarii Travel. Based in Moscow, UNIGLOBE Talarii Travel is a fully licensed agency and one of the top travel management companies in Russia with more than 25 locations across the country.

“Russia is among the leading destinations for business and vacation travellers and offers vast choices of itineraries,” says U. Gary Charlwood, founder and chief executive of UNIGLOBE. “Our family of agencies looks forward to supporting the Talarii team to serve business clients travelling beyond Russia as part of their global travel programmes.”

The UNIGLOBE Global Partner programme is open to top-performing travel management companies who are seeking to expand their networks and technologies to access global markets. “Our ultimate mission at Talarii Travel is to inspire our customers to explore the world,” says Bair Kholkhonoev, head of international relations and global partnerships at Talarii.

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