ANA introduces ‘Communication Board’ tablet device

ANA Communication Board

ANA, Japan’s largest airline, will introduce a new, specially-developed tablet device on 1 June called the ANA Communication Board.

With speech and pictogram functionality, the new tool will support smoother communications at the airport and in-flight with passengers of multiple nationalities, as well as with those who require special attention. ANA also plans to use the devices to provide pertinent information when irregularities occur.

At its launch in June, the ANA Communication Board will be capable of supporting communications in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. An additional 13 languages are due to be added in October, including Thai, Malay, Hindu, German, French and Spanish, totaling 17 languages once complete.

The software will also include terms to facilitate initial medical response, in the event a passenger suddenly becomes ill or injured in-flight.

The new device also aims to improve communications with hearing or speech-impaired passengers, who ANA had previously communicated with using pen and paper.

By switching to a tablet solution including pictograms, ANA hope to be able to communicate more readily, in a larger number of situations and respond to a wider range of customer needs.

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