Being a Game Changer


Travel Daily Media’s Executive Village for the travel industry is a part of the Game Changer Network, a brand of Solutionz Holdings.   Our interviews and articles provide practical information on how to change the game in your life, your company and even in your industry.

The concept of the Executive Village comes from an allegorical novel that will be published this spring by Chicke Fitzgerald.  The Game Changer tells the story of a travel technology company’s book-cover-newexecutive team and their journey toward success.  What the team discovers is that insights can come from the most unexpected places and that knowing the backstories of their peers and their investors can help remove barriers and facilitate the realization of their goals.

Our radio shows will be featured weekdays on Travel Daily Media US.  We provide interviews with top authors and experts on topics to help executives and entrepreneurs alike achieve their goals.

It is our belief that it takes a village to build (or grow) a company and that you must look outside of yourself, your company and even outside the industry to accelerate your efforts.

This concept is not new.

Travel Daily Media US has syndicated the Game Changer Network content for its advertisers, partners and subscribers because some of us have forgotten to take time for ourselves and for working ON our business instead of just IN it.

The shows are generally just under an hour and we realize that you don’t likely have that kind of time every day, so we recommend that you check out our Game Changer Membership where we provide total access to our full content library, commercial free and you can listen on demand to any show in any category.

If you spend even one hour a day fighting fires, you owe it to yourself to spend sometime in the Executive Village.  You won’t regret the trip.

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