British diver steals from Concordia wreck

The divers worked for the salvage group Titan
The divers worked for the salvage group Titan. Photo: View Apart/

A British diver is amongst a group of four that were caught looting the Costa Concordia wreck at the weekend.

The unnamed 42-year-old man from London, along with another from Dublin and two from South Africa, were caught looking for souvenirs at the wreck

All three work for the salvage group Titan that raised the Concordia. They have now been suspended from the firm after being caught on CCTV and found with a rucksack of goods.

As reported by Sky News, Lt Elisabette Spoti from the Carabinieri police said the group had a rucksack with the Costa Concordia emblem on it. She refused to say what was inside.

Meanwhile the Italian courts trialling Costa Concordia’s captain Francesco Schettino heard from engine room crew this week.

Technician Hugo di Piazza described the fear in the engine room as water seeped through, with recordings of telephone conversations played to the court where Di Piazza described how he tried to convince Schettino the ship was sinking.

According to the Guardian, a second technician Tonio Borghero said the room was flooded in 20 minutes.

“I was thinking, ‘We will perish like mice’,” he is reported saying.

On Monday an official claimed Schettino “jumped” onto a lifeboat to escape from the ship, going against the captain’s claim that he slipped.

The trial of the captain continues.

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