British wildlife expert joins forces with Datai Langkawi’s resident naturalist

Datai Langkawi will be hosting British naturalist and TV adventurer Nigel Marven from the 16 to the 23 November.

datai langkawi

Accompanied by the resort’s resident naturalist Irshad Mobarak, Nigel will host a series of educational talks and excursions in The Datai’s rainforest. The 8am ‘Forest awakening’ and 7pm ‘Rainforest after dark’ walks will enable attendees to see the rainforest in two very different light. The three ‘Jungle Voices’ talks on the resort’s beach will focus on Marven’s career.

Nigel’s talks will cover a range of topics, such as filming shows Time Travelling with Dinosaurs in Prehistoric Park and 10 Deadliest Snakes, and producing shows with Sir David Attenborough.

Marven said: “I can’t wait to get lost in The Datai’s magical surroundings and work with Irshad. He is such an expert in the local wildlife and has so much respect for it. It will be a real joy to help him educate guests about the natural world and speak with them about my varied career.”

Mobarak added: “Nigel has such a wealth of experience and so many stories to tell about his adventures all over the world. I love speaking with our guests about the local wildlife and it’ll be so interesting to hear his perspective on it too. It will be a privilege to work with him and a real treat for our guests.”

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