Brits abroad myth dispelled?

Online travel agent says its research dispels the negativity surrounding the oft lamented ‘Brits abroad’ reputation. 

Are you a well behaved Brit abroad?
Are you a well behaved Brit abroad?

The survey of more than 1000 holidaymakers painted a much more courteous picture of the nation – revealing that over nine in 10 Brits think it important to mind their manners on holiday.

It also revealed a classic British stereotype of a culture that is “almost too polite”. Even from the moment we board the plane we strive to be considerate, with only two in 10 outrageous enough to consider asking other passengers to get up more than once when sat in the window seat, the surey found.

Furthermore eight in 10 said they do not use their towels to reserve sunbeds every morning, instead preferring to “play fair and lose out on the prime pool positions”.

Other findings concluded that two thirds believed eating lunch in swimming trunks was unacceptable, while only 44 said they would return to the buffet for a fourth helping.

It seems continental practices are also rubbing off on the British traveller with more than half hit the beach topless.

However, in a nod to our reputation, a fifth of Brits said they will happily enjoy a cocktail at any time of the day!

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