Brits clueless on Wonders of the World

New research shows how a significant percentage of Brits mistakenly name key tourist attractions – including Buckingham Palace and the Hollywood Sign – among the seven modern wonders of the world.

Holiday comparison site put the nation to the test by asking 1,000 Brits to identify the ancient, modern and natural wonders of the world, with shockingly poor results.

When asked about how many wonders they think they had correctly identified, 15% of Brits thought they had spotted 10 out of the 21 wonders and only 3% thought they had named all 21.

In reality, only 6% of people were able to identify all seven modern wonders, with large proportions of Brits missing Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil (60%) and Petra in Jordan (67%) off the list. However, more than half (54%) mistakenly thought Stonehenge was one of the elite landmarks.

It seems our love of skyscrapers has clouded our judgement, as 32% of Brits thought the Empire State Building was on the list while 40% thought the USA’s Statue of Liberty was included.

Astonishingly, 8% of the nation named Disney World Florida as a modern wonder of the world. Another 5% identified the elusive Area 51 as a modern wonder and a staggering 12% thought the Hollywood Sign was one of the noted destinations.

Just over one in nine Brits (12%) were able to select all seven ancient wonders of the world, although we may be forgiven for not recognising ancient landmarks in distant lands.

What’s even more surprising is that 5% of people think the fictional land of Narnia is an ancient wonder of the world. A fifth (20%) of Brits also think the mythical land of Atlantis makes the list.

Only 4% of Brits were able to identify all seven natural wonders of the world, with less than a quarter recognising the Harbor of Rio (11%), Aurora (17%) andParícutin volcano (15%) as natural wonders. A further 16% of Scotland also thought the Loch Ness was one of the seven locations on the list.

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