China Airlines introduces A350 ‘Urocissa caerulea’ on Taipei-Vancouver Route

China Airlines is introducing the new Airbus A350 aircraft on the Taipei-Vancouver route from August onwards.

The latest addition means that all North American destinations including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco will now be flown by new 777 or A350 aircraft. China Airlines’ latest A350 liveried aircraft, the ‘Urocissa caerulea’, was unveiled on 1 August 1 for the flight to Vancouver.

All ten 777 aircraft have now been delivered while all fourteen A350 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered in 2018. China Airlines chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho said that all European destinations including Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vienna and Rome are now flown by NexGen aircraft.

‘Urocissa caerulea’ is China Airlines’ second A350 liveried aircraft as well as the 100th A350 to be delivered by Airbus. The airline has unveiled a number of liveried aircraft such as the A350 Syrmaticu’s Mikado’ and ‘Buddy Bears’ to demonstrate its support for environmental protection.

The liveried aircraft also serve to promote the culture of Taiwan around the world. The Taiwan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea), an endemic species found only in Taiwan, once received the top vote in competition to select the national bird.

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