Country Club Hotel leads Earth Hour Guinness World Record attempt


The Country Club Hotel in Dubai, led a group initiative to raise the level of awareness of Earth Hour by attempting a Guinness World Record by lighting 10000 thousand candles across 20 group venues, simultaneously.

Rajeev Reddy, chairman & MD, Country Club Group said: “Dubai has significantly contributed to the level of awareness of Earth Hour and issues like environment conservation and sustainability. Measures have been initiated to bring down energy consumption at the hotel. Setting a Guinness World Record is a remarkable achievement and all participants are excited and proud to participate in the green pledge initiative. The previous Guinness World Record for most candles lit across multiple venues is of 1000 people across ten venues. With 10000 people attempting to set the record across 20 destinations, we are confident of achieving this feat,” added Mr. Reddy

Participants were given 15 seconds to light the candles. The entire event was monitored by the independent witnesses and followed the strict guidelines set by the Guinness Book.

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