Einstein Life Hacks #2 of 10 – Be CURIOUS


It is often said that curiosity killed the cat.  Not my cat.

Every day, JoJo Mowe Fitzgerald (yes, you may follow him on Facebook) eats, takes a quick bath, sleeps, does his “business”, then repeats it all over again. Some mornings when it is nice enough to sit outside to drink my coffee, there is some lizard chasing added to the mix.

Every once in a while, as shown in the picture at the top, JoJo can be
caught “playing”.    More often than not he is found in one of many sleeping positions.

But curious, he is not.

This is fortunate for us, as I would hate for his curiosity to become the death of him.

One of Einstein’s life lessons (aka life hack) is to follow your curiosity.

Albert Einstein on Curiosity

Now I can’t claim that JoJo is contemplating the mysteries of eternity, of life or the marvelous structure of reality, but perhaps he is comprehending at least a few mysteries each day, if only what it is like to catch his little green stuffed animal again and again.
Einstein claimed to be “passionately curious.”  I believe his curiosity is what fueled his brilliance.
One of the traits that I look for in my team is what I call “intellectual curiosity”.  It is much less deadly than the feline variety.  In fact, as an entrepreneur, unlike the cat, you will actually die without it. 

The intellectually curious person is always trying to learn something new.  And I’m not talking about Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire type of learning, but real, deep understanding of a given topic or concept.  Usually they are well read, or at the very least are TED aficionados.

JoJo Mowe FitzgeraldI am with Einstein in being passionately curious.  And deep down, JoJo may be curious too, but acting on it would cut into his naptime.

Tomorrow we will be looking at Innovation.
Stay tuned.

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