Deckchair hogging tops list of beach ‘no-nos’

Most beachgoers like to be at least 0.9m from the next person
Most beachgoers like to be at least 0.9m from the next person

Hogging deckchairs and playing load music are the top annoyances for beach- and pool-goers, according to a new TripAdvisor survey.

The TripAdvisor Beach & Pool Etiquette Survey, which gathered the views more than 1,400 holidaymakers, found that loud music (18%), people not picking up after their dogs (11%) and deckchair hogging (9%) were the main annoyances for beachgoers, while those visiting swimming pools were most irritated by deckchair hogging (29%), loud music (11%) and smoking (10%).

Annoying behaviour also appears to be becoming more common, with 83% of respondents saying people often violate some form of beach or pool etiquette, up from 74% in 2011. Thirty-one percent have asked a stranger to stop behaving rudely at the beach or pool, up from 26% last year.

People also value personal space while relaxing next to the water. The closest acceptable distance to sit next to another stranger at a crowded beach was put at three feet (91cm), according to 27% of respondents, while a further 26% set the boundary at six feet.

On non-crowded sands, 34% consider 20 feet (6.1 metres) to be the closest acceptable distance to sit next to a fellow beachgoer.

“Poor form at the beach and pool can cast a dark cloud over an otherwise sunny experience,” said Brooke Ferencsik, Director of Communications at TripAdvisor. “With temperatures on the rise, it’s important to have respect for our fellow bathers and remember when it comes to fun in the sun; we’re all in it together.”

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