Did you get April Fooled?

Bolsover's 'new' office
Bolsover’s ‘new’ office

Bolsover Cruise Club went all out on fooling everyone with plans to turn its Cruise Club office into a ship. Plans including sinking the car park and filling it with water to become the ship office’s own sea, with its kitchen to become a replica P&O stateroom to help new-comers see what cruising is like. In fact, this isn’t a bad idea.


Singaporean airline Scoot announced the launch of an ‘inflight hot yoga class’ on flights from Singapore to Hong Kong. The YogaZone would be available on its wide-body Boeing 77-200 as it has more leg room, with the cabin temperature to be ramped up to 40.6 degrees for 60 minutes for the Bikram enthusiasts.


Ripley's London attraction unveiled this restaurant
Ripley’s London attraction unveiled this restaurant

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! attraction in London showed off a new eyeball-shaped restaurant sticking out of its Piccadilly setting. The 500-foot spherical restaurant “will offer wonderfully weird dining experience including fish and sheeps’ heads and fried lizards”. Yummy.


TrekAmerica revealed plans for a space-themed tour in the USA with a Virgin Galactic trip in between. We were nearly hooked in on this one until the release added that there was a possibility to meet Richard Branson during training on Necker Island, which is all the way over in the Caribbean sea, not near New Mexico.


lastminute.com took its ‘Top Secret Hotel’ concept to the extreme by saying its latest addition would require guests to sign the Official Secrets Act before checking in. The new ‘hotel’ is located on London’s South Bank and would ‘benefit from the privacy of one-way windows’. Come to think of it though, a stay at MI6 would be quite cool, no?


Wightlink wanted to spruce up travel between Portsmouth and Isle of Wight by unveiling a submarine service between the two hotspots. The ‘new SubLink’ had been commissioned from the British Navy but had been updated with a café and seats for passengers. Wightlink’s vessel also had viewpoints at either end.


Cruise.co.uk unveiled underwater cruises
Cruise.co.uk unveiled underwater cruises. Image from cruise.co.uk

Sticking with the underwater theme, Cruise.co.uk ‘revealed’ new underwater cruises ‘from next year’. The website had its own chief engineer and spared no expense, its blog read “seriously it was really expensive”.


Thailand- based Khiri Travel shared news of a new luxury carriage on the Luang Prabang-Hanoi train from Laos to Vietnam. With the image shown here attached to the release many media

Khiri Travel released this image with its train story
Khiri Travel released this image with its train story

outlets fell for the story including ourselves, until our Travel Daily Asia editor remembered there is no track. Also an electric train service with overhead power lines going through the valleys would be an interesting development.


Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) attempted to play with nature by proclaiming some of its passengers saw the Northern Lights during the day in Amsterdam. According to a release, the passengers ‘saw’ the lights while enjoying the Dutch canals, not up in the Arctic Circle when it’s pitch black where you’d normally spot the famous display.


Virgin Trains renamed Wolverhampton rail station Wolverine with the station’s signs and electronic displays changed. We aren’t sure if many believed a train station would change to a character, but there are gullible people out there!


Thomson Holidays told Twitter fans it was planning to build an island in the shape of its smile logo and named Smile Island. Only around 30 retweeted their excitement, but the company answered questions about colour schemes.


India-based travel company ixigo wanted to tackle intra-city travel in the country’s cities and today unveiled premium auto-rickshaws named RickAir. An ‘executive class’ would be available on rickshaws in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai. They even went to the trouble of producing a video (see below).

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