Does your suitcase reflect you?

Do you own a suitcase like this? Judi James says you are likely to be scatty and attention-seeking…

Most of us will not replace our suitcase unless it has holes in or the lock will not work anymore, but our luggage says a lot about the type of traveller we are, according to Virgin Atlantic.

A recent study by the airline found 20% of travellers could not remember when they last bought new luggage and 55% wold only replace it if it was broken.

Considering that most cases are used once, or if clients are lucky twice or more, a year Travel Daily Media is surprised the figure is not higher, especially as holidaymakers look to save cash for while in resort. However at the other end of the scale, 10% of people will choose luggage to look better than travel companions and a quarter of 16-24 year-olds are influenced by designer bags used by celebrities.

Behavioural expert Judi James, who teamed up with Virgin Atlantic for the survey, said designer bags are often a sign of showing achievement and status, while those with brightly-patterned cases are usually attention seeking and scatty. For those hoping to look understated and sure of their success a practical corporate-looking case is said to be the right choice, while those clinging onto the free spirit lifestyle will opt for a rucksack. Unsurprisingly, the most confident and frequent travellers will have just one holdall (that’ll be us then, yes?).

Meanwhile Brits showed their practicality in a recent Discover Ferries survey, which found that the hairdryer, teapot and a feather pillow were the top essentials we would like to take on holiday. Bulky and family items including flippers, a folding chair, bucket and spades, a high chair, football and cuddly toy followed. In tenth place was 10 pairs of heels, which considering some holidays are only three or seven nights long, is quite the wishful thinking to cram in. 

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