Five Romantic Getaways You Don't Want To Miss


With the New Year upon us, it’s time to start planning where you’ll go with your sweetheart in 2017. Of course romance means different things for different people, so we’ve included five totally different styles of romantic escapes here, offering an option for all budgets and styles of traveler. 


1. The Classic Island Paradise Getaway

If you want to do the classic lazy island paradise getaway head to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, where you’ll find a divine tropical escape. You can book into an overwater bungalow – we loved the Sofitel Private Island Resort – but there are half a dozen other top end choices. Then pass the days snorkeling in the crystal clear turquoise lagoon filled with living coral and fish that can be accessed simply by jumping off your bungalow’s deck; getting pampered in the spa; or just lounging on a white sand beach sipping cocktails. Just an easy 8-hour flight from Los Angeles, the Islands of Tahiti is also an accessible romantic getaway.

Sofitel Private Island Resort Bora Bora

2. The African Safari Getaway

Considering proposing? There’s no better place to ask your significant other to say yes to forever than on a romantic South African safari. The country is packed with wildlife reserves: both private and government run national parks, including the magnificent Kruger National Park. Here there are lodging options for all budgets. The frugal, can stay in park chalets and then either join in on organized wildlife drives or self-drive through the park looking for lion, elephant and giraffe. At the other end of the spectrum, are the luxury safari lodges in the adjacent private reserves (there are no fences, however, so the animals are free to roam between) like Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, which operates four luxury lodges.  

Kruger National Park

3. The City Escape

For those who love a big city ambiance, there is plenty of romance to be found in certain cities. Think Paris to Venice in Europe, New York City to San Francisco in the U.S. What’s great about a big city escape is that you can often find affordable airfare if it also serves as an airline hub, and there are more hotels to choose from and plenty to keep you busy between museums, performing art and decadent restaurants.

romantic getaways The City Escape venice italy

4. The Country Getaway

At the other end of the spectrum is the country escape for romance. Perfect if you just want to leave it all behind and head to the hills. For some serious quality time with your special person, consider an off-the-grid location where cell phone signals don’t yet penetrate and you can easily opt out of WiFi. For of the hottest options in this area for 2017 is Cuba, where travel is still a novelty, cell phones don’t work and you can ride around in a boldly painted classic American car circa the 1950s. Talk about old-fashioned romance!

romantic getaways countryside cuba

5. The Adrenaline Focused Romantic Getaway

If you and your significant other absolutely live for adventure and the next adrenaline rush than your style of getaway will combine romance with thrills. For this consider a ski trip, where you can challenge each other by day before snuggling by the fire at night. Favorite romantic ski destinations include Aspen, Colorado and St Moritz in Switzerland.

Adrenaline Focused Romantic Getaway aspen colorado


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