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SHAREOLOGY:  How sharing powers the Human Economy.  

Listen to this 49 minute program with author Bryan Kramer and learn about the importance of sharing of information, stories and emotions in our business.    If you don’t have time now, join the Game Changer Network and listen on demand to any of our 300+ interviews on leadership, growth, innovation, entrepreneurialism and more.

Technology continues to evolve and make our lives busier and more complicated, but it can never replace true human connection–our fundamental need to share information, stories, and emotions.

Sharelogy explores the history, art and science of sharing, and illustrates why sharing is what gives us a unique competitive advantage as individuals and brands. It is meant for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make their content more valuable, shareable, and for individuals who want to understand the power of sharing to grow their personal brand.

Bryan Kramer is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the art and science of sharing, and has been credited with shaping the #H2H human business movement in marketing and social.
With over 300,000 social fans and followers, and an intimate understanding of the intricacies and interworking of both social technologies and social behaviors, Bryan is both a practitioner and authority on the subject.

Bryan is also a renowned global speaker, consultant and trainer. In a unique sharing experiment conducted in his recent TED Talk @ IBM titled “Why Sharing is Reimagining Our Future”, Bryan witnessed the true power of sharing when inspiration combined itself with reach and technology. The results were stunning – 21 million impressions in just 4 hours, spanning the globe to over 10 countries.

Bryan is also the President and CEO of PureMatter a content, social and digital marketing agency in San Jose, CA.

PureMatter has been one of the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley on San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal for over the last five years and has been recognized as one of the publication’s “Top Who’s Who.” Bryan also sits on several advisory boards including Mutual Mind, Raynforest, HealthPure and SpiderQube.

Bryan’s websites are and

To purchase Bryan’s book click HERE

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