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Innovation and DifferentiationFreya Williams – Green Giants, How Smart Companies Turn
Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses

Invest 48-minutes in yourself by listening to this interview on innovation and differentiation with Freya Williams. Learn what sustainability is and what it can do for your organization.

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Sustainability is a differentiator

What do Brazil’s top beauty brand, America’s second-fastest-growing restaurant chain, and the world’s third bestselling car have in common? They are shattering the myth that acting sustainably and building a billion-dollar business are mutually exclusive.

William’s book is packed with eye-opening research, exclusive interviews, and enlightening examples from Chipotle, Toyota, Unilever, Tesla, General Electric, and more, Green Giants serves as a blueprint for sustain able success that anyone can follow.

In this interview, Williams shares the highlights of the companies that are merging social responsibility with wild profitability – and reveals the six factors responsible for their success.iconoclastic leadership fueled by deep conviction and a rebellious streak; disruptive innovation that uses sustain ability to spur the development of radically better products and services; a higher purpose that ignites the company – when the mission leads, profits follow.

Sustainability fosters billion-dollar businesses

This new breed of billion-dollar businesses proves it’s possible to achieve enormous success while implementing sustainable principles that help consumers live better lives. Ranging from start-ups to business lines incubated within major multi nationals, these companies collectively represent over $60 billion in revenue. What’s more – many command wider profit mar gins and are growing faster than their conventional counterparts.

About Freya Williams

Freya Williams advises organizations including Coca Cola, Unilever, the United Nations, Estee Lauder, Waste Management and many others on how to turn sustainability and social good into competitive advantage for their business and brands. Cofounder of OgilvyEarth and former lead of Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose practice in New York, today Freya is the North American CEO of Futerra, the global sustainability change agency.

Freya’s experience has given her an insider’s perspective on the trials and tribulations of incorporating sustainability into a business and the opportunity to experience the movement’s successes and failures first-hand. In the course of persuading clients to try fresh, sometimes counter-intuitive approaches, Freya has built up a wealth of data on the business case for sustainability, as well as an instinctive sense of what works and what doesn’t. She is also intimately familiar with the challenges of forcing change through large, complex, often siloed organizations—and has developed strategies and tools to overcome them.

Freya is best known for her work in making sustainability relevant to mainstream audiences. Her work has been featured on Marketplace, and in The Financial Times, Newsweek and even The Onion. She is a regular public speaker who has lectured at Columbia, Wharton and Harvard.

To order the book click HERE.

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