Hotel revenues boosted by personalized communication: SweetBeam

Troy Simoni, CEO, SweetBeam
Troy Simoni, CEO, SweetBeam

Middle East hotels have seen positive yet limited growth in occupancy numbers during 2014, according to STR Global.

The hospitality market experienced a 2.9% increase in occupancy levels, but just a 0.7% increase in average daily rate (ADR).

Troy Simoni, CEO, SweetBeam, said: “As room rates start to plateau, there is increasing pressure on Middle East hotels to explore other sources of revenue in order to continue to meet targets. One such alternative is to increase focus on non-room revenue, which makes up as much as 45% of a hotel’s business – and particularly on in-house guests who contribute between 35 and 75% of that non-room revenue.”

As per research, guests who experience and engage with a wide range of services are not only more likely to spend more time and money at the hotel premises.

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