The Indian globetrotter quotient by British Airways

A survey conducted by British Airways has revealed interesting findings on Indian adults’ geography knowledge and travel habits.

In India, a research was conducted among 500 adult respondents, in the first week of August 2018. The survey highlighted that, despite some being crowned masters of maps and geography greats, a small percentage failed their test on geography knowledge.

While 46.80% rate their geographical knowledge on world locations, capital cities, and landmarks as ‘very good’, a significant 15.60% named New York as the capital of the USA. Further, a small percentage (6%) even believe that Russia is a continent and India is a European country.

The survey further reveals that more than half (59.60%) of Indian adults consider themselves ‘well-travelled’, having visited three countries on an average, while 28.60% consider themselves ‘somewhat travelled’.

Additionally, when it comes to exploring the world, both men (59%) and women (58%) have travelled equally and have good knowledge of world locations, capital cities and landmarks.

The study further reveals that 32.60% cannot identify the language Brazilians predominantly speak while a small percentage (6.40%) consider Russia a continent.

However, Indian adults are well aware of the capital of other countries; around 66% identified Budapest as the capital of Hungary.

Globally, the research polled 9,000 adults from 13 countries, with India going up against US, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil and Australia.

One in four Australians struggle to name the Colosseum’s home as Rome (24%), while almost one in five (19%) of French respondents and one in 10 Italians aren’t aware their home countries are part of the Alps.

Only 54% of Australians correctly said Budapest was the capital of Hungary, whereas UK based respondents fared better, with 66% selecting the correct answer.

The survey responses indicate that when it comes of geography knowledge, Indian adults mostly excels in their knowledge though a small percentage were off the mark.

British Airways partnered with 72 point for onepoll, to conduct a survey of 9,000 travelers across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, UAE, China, Australia, Brazil, India, Israel, Norway, Russia, Sweden.

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