Introducing the Executive Village


Our Goal

Travel Daily Media USA wants to help our readers and our advertising partners to work ON your business, not just IN your business.

This section is the brainchild of Chicke Fitzgerald, the Contributing Editor. She founded Solutionz Holdings in 1996 and 20 years later has done 200+ projects for 90 clients and has launched 10 new businesses, both within client companies and her own.  She has raised over $7m for those companies.

The term Executive Village comes from her new allegorical business novel, the Game Changer, which is being published in the spring of 2017.  The premise behind the book is that it takes a village to build and grow a company.  Fitzgerald has been doing a weekly radio show since 2009 and regularly interviews authors and experts on topics of interest to executives and entrepreneurs alike.   Her show is a part of the “executive village” of the travel technology company that is fictionalized in the book.

This section includes a daily feature known as Focus:  Changing the Game, which will feature an in-depth interview with an author or expert on a particular topic.  The interviews are conducted by Chicke Fitzgerald, the founder of Solutionz Holdings and the Game Changer Network.

The schedule will be the same each week.

Monday – Leadership

Tuesday – Growth and Productivity

Wednesday – Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

Thursday – Innovation and Differentation

Friday – The Best of the Game Changer Network

The Executive Village section also includes Game Changing Insights, a daily blog that will include individual articles about business topics and also will include multi-part series.  When the publication launches on November 14th, we will begin a series based on 10 of our favorite quotes from Einstein.

This section of Travel Daily Media will also include special articles by guest contributors, known as Game Changing Perspectives.  We will also interview individuals from the travel industry, known as Spotlight on Game Changers.  If you would like to nominate someone, click here to set up a call to discuss your recommendation with us.

We look forward to your feedback and input.

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