IT companies join forces to bring Chinese tourists to Indonesia

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Renato Domini, CEO Panorama Destination, seals the deal with Arief Santosa, director of OM Solutions
Renato Domini, CEO Panorama Destination, seals the deal with Arief Santosa, director of OM Solutions

Two technology companies have teamed up to help attract more Chinese tourists to Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Panorama Destination, which forms part of PT Panorama Sentrawisata, has signed an agreement with China-based Galasys Plc’s subsidiary, OM Solutions.

Both are IT companies that develop software and digital platforms for online travel agents (OTAs), and their collaboration is aimed at allowing Panorama to directly target the Chinese market.

Panorama has been aiming to capture the Chinese market since the beginning of 2015, when it embarked on its new business strategy. Galasys meanwhile, currently controls a 70% share of the market for ticket sales at theme parks in China.

“The market was large and already beginning to form, so we needed to understand how exactly we can catch this opportunity in a proper manner,” explained AB Sadewa, senior vice president of brand & communications at Panorama Sentrawisata. “[There is] big potential for the development of leisure products in Indonesia, where China is one of the largest tourist contributors in the world.”

Panorama noted that around 80% of FITs make their bookings via OTAs. By combining Panorama’s cloud-based OTA (CLOTA) system with Galasys’ digital platform for transaction systems and payments, plus its network of online distribution channels linked to the Chinese market, Panorama is hoping to significantly improve its Chinese business.

The products to be included in the new Galasys CLOTA system include tours to Bali, Lombok, Wakatobi, Lake Toba and Cinta Island. And Renato Domini, CEO of Panorama Destination, also stated his intention expand this range of tours in future.

“Within the next year we will continue to develop products that offer new destinations so the purpose of this cooperation can be achieved,” he commented.

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