Khiri goes carbon neutral in Sri Lanka

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The tour will include trips to see local wildlife
The tour will include trips to see local wildlife

Khiri Travel has unveiled a new tour in Sri Lanka that will have no impact on the environment.

The 14-day carbon neutral trip will see guests stay in eco-lodges and tented camps, and be transported by hybrid cars. The itinerary will include trips to see elephants, leopards and blue whales, and talks with local villagers and forest tribesmen. Along the way, guests will plant trees.

Khiri will make a calculation of the carbon emissions generated from the trip and then arrange for them to be completely offset.

“Guests enjoy a very rich tropical wildlife experience as well as meaningful conversations with tribesmen and villagers who explain the land, nature and the people’s relationship with it,” said Khiri Sri Lanka’s general manager, Ruben Derksen.

“The concept of a carbon neutral tour fits perfectly with the values of the local people. Living on an island that is so subject to climate change, they are very aware of the importance of the environment.”

To offset the emissions from the trips, Khiri will purchase carbon credits from an accredited project, such as SNV Netherlands’ Biogas programme. Guests can also choose to offset their air transportation to and from Sri Lanka.

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