Khiri offsets annual carbon footprint

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The Khiri Group has offset its entire carbon footprint for 2014 and plans to offset its 2015 footprint by the middle of this year.

The Asian travel company has managed to offset the 100 tons of carbon it generated in 2014 by participating in two major tree-planting projects. Eighty mangrove trees were planted just outside Bangkok, and 1,500 Albasia trees were planted in Kecamatan Salam, Central Java.

Khiri's tree planting initiative in Central Java
Khiri’s tree planting initiative in Central Java

The group’s CO2 calculations were made by the Plant a Tree Today Foundation (PATT) in Thailand and Trees4Trees in Indonesia.

“With partners such as PATT and Trees4Trees, the offsetting process becomes measurable and doable with clear actions and outcomes,” said Khiri Group’s CEO, Willem Niemeijer. “Our offsetting is consistent with our commitment to Travelife goals of being a company that stands for the planet as well as people and profit.”

Niemeijer added that Khiri’s 2015 carbon footprint calculation would be available in the next few weeks, and that the company is planning new tree-planting initiatives by mid-2016.

“Around 50% of the world’s mangrove forests have been destroyed in the last 50 years,” said Mark Remijan, partner & chief financial officer of the Khiri Group. “Khiri is active in this area because regeneration of mangroves boosts wildlife diversity as well as turning CO2 into oxygen.”

According to PATT, a UK registered charity, one mangrove tree can absorb approximately 800kg of CO2 during its 40-year lifetime. This is equivalent to the emissions from a round-trip flight between Hanoi and Phuket.

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