Merlin warns legal action against Calcutta attraction plans

Merlin Entertainments has warned development companies that it will pursue legal action an attraction is built in Calcutta using the ‘Eye’ name. Details of a proposed observation wheel referred to as the ‘Calcutta Eye’ and inspired by the London equivalent were recently revealed in development plans for the city. However Merlin has warned that unless it is contracted to build and manage the attraction, it will fight ‘fiercely’ against another company using the ‘Eye’ name. “The ‘Eye’ is exclusively Merlin’s brand globally. It is an iconic name in which we have invested, and continue to invest significantl,” said Gleen Earlam, managing director of Merlin’s Midway Operating Group. “We therefore will not allow it, or any of our other brands, to be used generically for commercial or promotional advantage to describe attractions over which we have no control. Unauthorised use of any of our brands potentially damages both their reputation and that of Merlin as a whole, and we will always take whatever steps are required to stop such use.” Plans are in place for the construction of an Orlando Eye, following the success of the EDF Energy London Eye and Blackpool Tower Eye.

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