Middle East has US$647 million mid-to-large sized private aircraft


Private jets in Middle East
Private jets in Middle East

Recent research reports from Global Jet Capital suggest that there are around 62 aircraft of large-cabin, long-range private jets for sale in the Middle East, with a combined value of around US$646.9 million.

Some 19 of these aircraft are registered in Saudi Arabia, and 18 are in UAE. The remainder is spread out across the Middle East. In total, there are around 559 mid to large sized private jets in the region, meaning around 11% of fleet is currently on market for sale.

The aviation finance specialist has around one billion dollars to lend to clients to purchase relevant business aircraft in Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

The aircraft Global Jet Capital funds typically cost between US$25 million and US$75 million each, and it says up to 80% of funding used to purchase these is sourced through external financing.

Shawn Vick, executive director of Global Jet Capital said: “Over the long term, we expect to see growth in sale of mid to large sized business jets in the region, and we are well positioned to meet finance demand to help facilitate this.”

Global Jet Capital is capitalized by three global investment firms – GSO Capital Partners, a Blackstone company in partnership with Franklin Square Capital Partners; The Carlyle Group; and AE Industrial Partners.

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