Millions of Brits left home alone at Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a family occasion, but not for everybody. In fact a recent survey revealed that one quarter of Brits have spent at least one Christmas day home alone in the last five years.

Christmas alone

While many of the aged are left to enjoy a lonely Christmas day, it is the young working professionals that are most lacking in Christmas spirit.

A recent survey of 2,000 people commissioned by Travel Channel in the UK, found that more than one third (35%) of the home aloners are aged between 25-35 years old, compared with only 17% of people aged over 65.

This is not a matter of choice in every case however, with many young adults taking on extra shifts over the festive season. In the past five years one in five Brits (21%) has worked on Christmas day. It is the 25-34 year old age group who are the most likely to be found working (37%) almost double than those aged 35-44 (21%). Those in the South East are the most likely to be working a shift, followed by Londoners (26%) whereas the North West, East and South West have the lowest percentage of shift work, each at just 17%.

Before we start feeling too sorry for them however, bear in mind that many people admit to dodging family commitments over the festive season.  A quarter of the nation (25%) will fib about their plans to get out of visiting additional friends and family. Londoners come out on top as those who will bend the truth, with a third (32%) admitting to having been less than honest with their loved ones about their whereabouts over the festive period, whereas in Yorkshire and the North West, connecting with friends and family is of most importance with only 19% and 20% respectively admitting to telling fibs.

For the majority of Brits however, Christmas is a busy time of year, with lots of travel to fit in. With more friends and families to catch up with than ever over the winter break, the poll reveals that 35% of Brits travel between two or more homes on Christmas day for another festive lunch or dinner.

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