MoCA approves more traffic rights

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The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has approved more traffic rights.

MoCA approves more traffic rights

These rights are approved to Indian carriers for three seasons beginning winter 2012. The new allocations are expected to give a boost to Indian carriers and spur growth of the Indian civil aviation sector as a whole by considerably improving connectivity of Indian cities with international destinations.

The ministry has directed to hold fresh bilateral negotiations to explore the possibility of enhancing additional traffic rights with those countries with whom existing traffic rights have almost exhausted. These include Singapore, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Macao and Afghanistan.

On the international sector, Air India has been allocated traffic rights to Delhi-Rome-Madrid/Barcelona, Delhi-Moscow, Delhi-Sydney/Melbourne, Mumbai-Nairobi and Mumbai-Al Najaf (Iraq). Jet Airways has been permitted to fly on Mumbai-Jakarta, Delhi-Barcelona, Mumbai-Zurich, Delhi-Tashkent and Mumbai- Ho Chi Minh City, while SpiceJet is allocated with Lucknow-Al Najaf, Varanasi-Al Najaf, Delhi-Macau and Delhi-Ho Chi Minh City.

The allocation of new traffic rights will increase the traffic entitlements of airlines by 60% over the existing traffic rights in the next three seasons.

The following table indicates the traffic rights allocated to airlines in terms of services per week (s/w).



Upto Summer 2012

Upto Winter


Upto Summer 2013

Upto Winter


Air India & Air India Express

471 (s/w)

577 (s/w)

650 (s/w)


Jet Airways

417 (s/w)

497 (s/w)

539 (s/w)

602 (s/w)


116 (s/w)

137 (s/w)

151 (s/w)

172 (s/w)


70 (s/w)

130 (s/w)

186 (s/w)

230 (s/w)

Total (All Airlines)

1,074 (s/w)

1,341 (s/w)

1,526 (s/w)

1,695 (s/w)
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