Museum admits King Tut beard blunder

The museum behind the scandal of the broken beard of King Tutankhamun has admitted the mistake, but assures it can be properly restored.

The glue job almost went undetected.
The glue job almost went undetected.

The mask was broken back in August, but the event only came to light when photographs of the glue line surfaced on the internet.

According to Egypt’s antiquities ministry, the beard broke off when a lightbulb was being changed in the display.

The museum then used epoxy glue to stick the beard back on, causing an outcry over the way the country is looking after its priceless antiquities.

However, experts have come forward to remind people the beard was not fixed to the mask when it was excavated.

Indeed it was only in 1941 that the beard piece was reattached to the mask with glue that has deteriorated over the past 70 years.

However, the new glue job has been criticised as it is clearly visible.

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