Oman travel firm capitalises on halal travel market growth

An Oman travel firm is witnessing a steady increase in requests for halal travel experiences.

Travel Point Oman, which offers more than 250 halal holiday packages to a number of destinations globally, says his business is growing in line with global trends.

“Yes, it is getting popular and according to analysts the Islamic tourism market is projected to become worth $181 billion by 2018,” said Sunil Prabhakar, chief executive officer, Travel Point Oman, in an interview with The Times of Oman.

“Acknowledging the potential of the Muslim population, and an increasing demand for ‘halal’ alternatives in various retail sectors, many countries, including non-Muslim ones, are already jumping on the opportunity and opening up their markets for Muslim tourists.”

Halal tourism refers to the overall travel experience, which must be compliant with the Islamic Sharia culture, explained Prabhakar.

“It is a form of tourism for Muslims, who prefer to utilise services, facilities and activities compliant with Islamic principles,” he added.
Travel Point has established a “Certificate of Accreditation” with the help of CrescentRating, an authority on halal travel. This certificate means Prabhakar’s company is recognised as an Accredited Travel Company in Oman by CrescentRating.

Travel Point Oman has been operating in the halal travel market since March 2015 and says some of the most popular destinations for halal tourists are Spain, Vienna, Munich, Bangkok, London, Delhi, Gold Coast, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Brunei.

The company also has a database of halal hotels, which means they are alcohol free, serve halal food only (no pork) and provide prayer facilities, as well as family-orientated entertainment.

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