Pete Waterman’s top five tips

  1. Pete Waterman on stage. Photo credit: Steve Dunlop Photographer
    Pete Waterman on stage. Photo credit: Steve Dunlop Photographer

    Work with people you like

Waterman reiterated time and time again that he will only work with people he likes and is happy to be rid of those he doesn’t. Trust is also important to working relationships and look at their history and back story too. Earlier on stage Nicholas Harding-McKay from Travel Designers had said how he will not work with tour operators that do not offer commitments such as price parity.

 2. Re-invent yourself

Moving with trends is important if you want to be relevant, Waterman told travel agents. Product and marketing are both key to strategy and you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it.

3. Identify a gap

How did Waterman start in music? As a young choirboy he approached best men to help them pick hymns that were different and also made mother in laws love their new son in laws. He noticed everyone picked the same song and offered something different.

4. Take opportunities

“Talent is special, and when your customers say thank you for making them feel special, you are special too,” Waterman said. Take that chance, have no fear and get lucky too.

5. Believe in yourself

“Believe in what you can do, but remember others are trying to do it as well. Never think anyone is better than you as someone else will catch up and you need to be ready to reinvent again,” said Waterman. “You can do it!”

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