Co-pilot brought jet down deliberately

The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight that crashed into the Alps is believed to have activated the descent button and locked the pilot out of the cockpit.

Germanwings is a subsidiary of Lufthansa
Germanwings is a subsidiary of Lufthansa

Brice Robin a Marseilles prosecutor, said co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, 28, was alone in the cockpit and “intentionally” crashed the plane.

“We assume [the captain] went to the loo or something. The co-pilot is on his own in charge of the plane, and it is while he is alone that he uses the flight monitoring system which starts the descent of the plane,” he asserted.

The flight monitoring system cannot be accidentally triggered, according to experts.

Carsten Spohr, chairman & CEO of Germanwings’ parent company, Lufthansa, told a press conference: “Not in our worst nightmare could we imagine something like this happening.”

Lubitz had been employed by Germanwings since September 2013, and had more than 630 hours of flying experience.

One hundred and fifty passengers and crew died in the fatal crash and authorities have been looking at the black box recording to determine the events that led to the impact.



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