Punctual Flybe spots opportunity in rail dissatisfaction

Flybe has flagged up the criticism aimed at the rail industry over lengthy delays and has offered its own services as a viable alternative to rail travel. 

Flybe makes a timely point.
Flybe makes a timely point.

“The rail industry has come under fire again this week for poor quality service and lengthy delays in a Which? report* which stated that 29% of rail passengers experienced delays when they last travelled, with passengers from south-east England most likely to have their journeys affected,” a well-timed release by the carrier read.

“The report confirms recent results comparing rail and air travel between major UK destinations s by Europe’s largest regional airline, Flybe.  Key routes evaluated included: London – Aberdeen: Nine hours by rail on average and one hour 40 minutes when flying (according to standard Flybe flight times); Manchester – Newquay: More than seven hours on average by rail and one hour 10 minutes when flying (according to standard Flybe flight times); London – Exeter: More than two hours by rail and one hour 10 minutes on average when flying (according to standard Flybe flight times).”

Flybe is in the advantageous position of being recognised in the December 2014  Which? report as the UK’s most punctual airline, offers passengers a faster and cheaper alternative to rail travel between many British destinations on eight out of ten of its routes.

Flybe’s chief commercial officer, Paul Simmons, pointed out that the latest report  from Which?, in addition to the 2.2% increase on regulated rail fares introduced this year, “again confirms that air travel is the faster, quicker, cheaper option and with the added guarantee of never having to stand.”

“This report clearly shows the dissatisfaction voiced by customers that rail travel is less comfortable, less affordable and less reliable than ever before,” he added.

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