Red Planet rebrands 24 hotels and eyes further growth

Red Planet Asoke Hotel in Bangkok
Red Planet Asoke Hotel in Bangkok

Red Planet Hotels is planning to expand its brand name across Asia, following the rebranding of 24 budget hotels.

The company was previously the franchise partner of Tune Hotels in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. But it has now decided to go it alone, and has rebranded all 24 Tune Hotels in these four countries under the Red Planet name.

And Red Planet is also planning to expand its Asian coverage, with the launch of new flagship hotels in Bangkok and Tokyo, both of which are expected to open later this year.

Tim Hansing, CEO of Red Planet, said guests could look expect “high quality, comfortable, technologically-enabled” hotels and “attractive prices”.

“It’s all about value,” said Hansing. “Value for our customers and creating value for our shareholders. When our guests leave our hotels we want them to think they have made a smart decision by staying with us.

Tim Hansing, CEO of Red Planet
Tim Hansing, CEO of Red Planet

“We conducted extensive surveys with many thousands of our guests across the region and, among other things, we established that our new brand is all about giving our customers more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. Almost all of our guests are between 20 to 30 years old, and this online generation is changing the dynamics of the hotel industry.

“To embrace this shift, we have invested heavily in our IT platform and are constantly listening to our customers and responding to feedback. We have significantly upgraded Wi-Fi speeds in all properties to be amongst the fastest in the hotel industry. Being able to access stable and fast Wi-Fi is crucial to our guests,” he added.

A key component of the new Red Planet brand is its mobile app. As well as allowing guests to book Red Planet hotels, it also features an “in-stay mode” which feeds local area information to guests once they’ve checked in, and also facilitates room-to-room and front desk calls.

“No matter what type of hotel we stay in, technology will always play a key part of getting the most out of your stay in the hotel and the city you are in,” Hansing said. “We are always looking to add both value and relevance to a guest’s stay through our investment in technology at all times.”

To fund its expansion, Red Planet is planning a public listing in the region.

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