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Sabre Red Workspace rolling out across the globe in local languages

Platform rolling out in English, German, Spanish and Japanese initially

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Sabre Corporation is in the midst of a major initiative to upgrade Sabre Red Workspace, the company’s point-of-sale tool for travel agencies, for customers worldwide with new language capabilities.

As announced at a company-wide event STX taking place this week, the solution is currently rolling out in English, German, Spanish and Japanese. French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese will follow soon. The new product release follows an pilot and testing phase with selected customers.

“Combining rich content with flexibility, simplicity and ease of use.”

“The initial feedback from our early customers is fantastic, and we are eager to release the new Sabre Red Workspace globally with regional language versions,” said Wade Jones, president, Sabre Travel Network. “This ground-breaking solution will change the way travel agents work by combining rich content with flexibility, simplicity and ease of use.”

The Sabre Red Workspace solution focuses on three core areas: adding industry-leading content, providing data-driven insights, and ‘taking the work out of the workspace’:

Web services and content

Users receive instant access to the latest web services and content to more nimbly adapt to the changing travel industry. Airline products can be presented with rich visual graphics and descriptive content, allowing suppliers to effectively differentiate their offers. And as airlines introduce future NDC-based offerings, the new Sabre Red Workspace will help to seamlessly present this new content.

Insights and analytics

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Data-driven insights derived through Sabre’s data and analytics capabilities help travel agencies optimise operational efficiency, increase profitability, and improve customer service. By leveraging instrumentation, information widgets and insights from Sabre’s APIs within the workflow, agents can enhance their expertise to find the right product for their customers.

Travel agents can further increase their revenue by leveraging enhanced cross-sell and up-sell capabilities along with fare management functions such as mark-ups, commissions and overrides.

Ease of use

The interface of the new Sabre Red Workspace aims to reduce training time and enable new hires to quickly reach levels of productivity that in the past took years of experience and training. Agents can continue to use the familiar “classic” style with GDS commands or switch to an intuitive “graphical” style.

With filtering, consultants can narrow shopping results to find options that specifically meet their customer’s travel requirements, while integrated maps help the travel agent pinpoint hotel and car rental locations within the workspace.

“The attractive consumer-grade interface is popular with all our agents”

“We have been using the new Sabre Red Workspace since October and are greatly impressed with how intuitive it is,” said Christos and George Kyvernitis, managing directors of Kyvernitis, in a joint statement. “The user-friendly technology makes it simple and quick to shop and book complex fares, and the attractive consumer-grade interface is popular with all our agents as it makes it effortless for them to deliver efficient and personalised service to our customers. It has definitely reduced our training times”.

The new Sabre Red Workspace also provides value to airlines as it makes it easy to display and sell branded fares and ancillaries, helping to generate additional revenue. Additionally, with Sabre Profiles integrated in the new platform, airline loyalty members are automatically recognised and rewarded.

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